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Innu Mikun

Innu Mikun Airlines Limited Partnership

Innu Mikun Airlines

Partnership between Provincial Airlines and IDLP. Charter services within Labrador began in 1998.

Charter services to any location to meet client demand. Scheduled air service between Goose Bay, Makkovik, Natuashish, Nain, Postville, Rigolet and Hopedale.

Innu Mikun expanded its services to include passenger and cargo services. Door to door cargo pick up/delivery service available in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

During summer season, Innu Mikun operates one Twin Otter on floats. Twin Otters have proven to be the best aircraft suited to both coastal airstrips and Labrador marketplace.

One deHavilland DHC-3-T Turbo operates on floats during summer and wheels/skis during winter.

Innu Mikun Fuels

Innu Mikun Fuels provides diesel fuel to Voisey’s Bay on a short term contract, in partnership with our Inuit partners, Labrador Inuit Capital Strategy Trust (ICST), and Nunatsiavut Government. New contracts are in place for fuel supply to projects in the Lab West area

Innu Mikun Fuels

Innu Mikun Helicopter Service

Innu Mikun Helicopter Service, a partnership with Canadian Helicopters, Universal Helicopters and Nunatsivut Government, provides helicopter services to Voisey’s Bay and other Labrador projects

Innu Mikun Helecopter

Contact Information

Tom Randell (Managing Director)
Phone: (709) 896-3626
Fax: (709) 896-3676

Hangar #17
P. O Box 1101, Station ā€œCā€
Goose Bay, NL