About IDLP

Who We Are

IDLP is the economic arm for the Innu of Labrador with a focus on Innu Employment across all job levels. Implementing a preference policy maximizing Innu participation in IDLP Businesses. We implement training initiatives for Innu people with all contractors and sub contractors. Where sub-contractors are needed, utilizing qualified Innu Companies registered on the IBDC registry.

Our Vision

Our Innu leaders had the wisdom to understand the value of working together when they created IDLP. Our success could not have been achieved without the support of the communities, Innu Nation, and the Innu people. We want to continue to work with our communities, our partners, and private Innu businesses to ensure maximum return to our communities through employment & training, capacity development, sub-contracting, and dividends to the bands.


  • Sheshatshiu
  • Natuashish


  • Chief Etienne Rich (Sheshatshiu)
  • Damiana Benuen (Sheshatshiu)
  • Jimmy Lee Jack (Sheshatshiu)
  • Karen Penunsi (Sheshatshiu)
  • Laureen Ashini-Rich (Sheshatshiu)
  • Daniel Pone-Pinette (Sheshatshiu)
  • Penute Andrew (Sheshatshiu)
  • Chief John Nui (Mushuau)
  • Mathias Rich (Mushuau)
  • Mary Lucy Dicker (Mushuau)
  • Angela Pasteen (Mushuau)
  • Len Scott Rich (Mushuau)
  • Sebastian Piwas (Mushuau)
  • Patricia Andrew (Mushuau)

Board Of Directors

  • Len Rich (Sheshatshiu)
  • Michelle Snow (Sheshatshiu)
  • Christine Nuna (Sheshatshiu)
  • Mark Nui (Mushuau)
  • Marie Pokue (Mushuau)
  • George Rich (Mushuau)

Partner with IDLP

IDLP brings experience, connection, and value to our partners. We help them grow and, in turn, provide growth for our shareholders.